A Short History of St Mary's

Little Crosby

by Frank Tyrer, M.A., B.SC.
(First Revised in 1983 by Mgr. S.F.Breen, and again in 2003 by Mr B.M. Whitlock Blundell))


"The story of St Mary's Church, Little Crosby, does not begin with the actual building of it in 1847, but rather with the days of Queen Elizabeth I. The real foundation stone is to be found in the faith and courage of the Lords of the Manor, the Blundells of Crosby, and the villagers in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, a faith and courage tested by bitter sacrifices, imprisonment and even death. And so, we must therefore begin the story of St Mary's. not in the 19th but in the 16th century."

Thus reads the opening paragraph of this interesting little booklet which gives a brief history of the Blundell's of Crosby, and a detailed description of the interior of St Mary's Church.

The booklet is available from the church, price £2.00 (click here to go to order page), but we invite you to look further by clicking on the illustrated sub-sections listed below.

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The Harkirk Chapel
The Ceiling
The following sections will be added shortly :
Early History - Before 1847
St Mary's Church - Interior
The Stained Glass Windows
Side Chapel of Our Lady and The English Martyrs



St Mary's Church, Little Crosby.
Consecrated 7th September, 1847

Parish Priest : Father Dunstan Harrington.

Copyright, Frank Tyrer
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